A Letter to a Brother, from a Brother

The day was nearing when my beloved little brother was embarking on his journey to the other continent. So, as an older bro. I had give him some lifehacks. Have a read. It might help you as well. Here it goes.

The time has arrived we all have been waiting for. You are finally going to the UK. You know it too that Mom Dad always wanted their sons to go there and make a living and so, here you are. I have been stubborn but you are taking the first step of their dream. Now, make them proud because we are investing a lot of courage on you.

I don’t often write but when I do it’s often for the person very close to me. Of course, you are my brother. We share the same blood and it is my duty to give you some Gyan on life and times because I have seen four more Diwalis than you :P

UK is altogether a different country. Life will not be the same as it is in India. You were in the aptest comfort zone at home where you got everything at the click of your finger. Waking up late, eating food at your own convenient time, TV, friends, beaches; these are the things I miss a lot in my life and you will miss them too. So, accept the fact that you are growing up way to faster than you think. You are leaving all the comfort behind for a better brighter life.

You are blessed because we have good and loving relatives out there who will take care of you in times of distress. Believe me, you need them. When I started my journey in Mumbai, I was all alone. There was nobody to take care of me. I was the one responsible for my own fate. I was the one who took care of myself. Build yourself to take care of yourself.

So, on a good note, let me give you some life hacks which I have learned in these years of living, away from you, Mom and Dad. These will help you in every walk of life and will make you a better man.

Smile always. This is the greatest gift man has received. It relieves stress and lightens the mood. Always wear a smile, no matter how people behave or what they do. When someone does bad to you, take revenge with a smile on your face. This will not make you weak but will make you wise. The other person will be confused to see you keep you cool even in such worst situation. Of course, the final part of this would be the rip apart that person… haha

Throw away your anger. Buddha has wisely said – Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. Anger has done a lot of irreversible damages in my life. I don’t want anger to take control of you.

Start saving from day one but don’t do it throughout your life. There will come a time when you will have to stop saving and start spending. We all are bonded labours. We all think of saving throughout our lives and in doing so forget to utilize the money earned. Feel free to spend it with proper planning.

Work hard and eventually, you’ll learn to work smart. Never lose hope. It is ok to fail but have the maturity learn from your mistakes. Remember, a smart person learns from his mistakes but a wise person learns from others’ mistakes.

Have zero expectations from everyone. Expectations always hurt. Expect great things from yourself and fulfil them. Nobody will fulfil your expectations other than you yourself.

Help others with selfless motives. The world is rude and cruel and there are very few people who take the stand to help others. Of course, you’ll have to learn to identify and judge the person you are helping. Don’t make them take you for granted. Similarly, don’t have grudges against others. Remember the cycle of Karma. Do Good, get Good. Do Bad, get Bad.

You are going there to study and eventually will start working. Be a man everyone wants to be with. Become a personality, not some regular guy. Dress well and sophisticated and smell good. Yeah, you read it correctly. Smell good always.

Respect women, be it a motherly figure, your sister or your friend. I know this sounds crazy because have been stereotyped as a sexist. But that’s not true. Treat them in a way you expect your Mother to be treated. With love, care and gentleness. I know women are sometimes hard to handle. They have flaws but so do men. It is impossible to know what they are thinking and that’s the beauty of women. Care for the elders. Not just our relatives but every other. They have seen much turmoil in their life and without their blessing, we do not stand ground.

Make good friends like yourself. Learn from them. Learn from your enemies. We both know the importance of good friends in life. They are a family away from family. Try everything but don’t become a slave of it. And most importantly, don’t get caught. ;)

Be confident. You are a Rathod. We are awesome. Read books, learn new things. Don’t be a lazy ass like me or else you’ll grow a gujju belly. Stop being an introvert. I know it’s really difficult to but try it.

Gift yourself when you achieve something in life. Gift others when you are happy. These are small things in life which have the power to make you happy. Explore places. Meet new people. Live life right now. Don’t keep it for later.

You and I do not fully believe in God but we do believe in something or someone extremely powerful who paints our lives. Have faith in Him. Keep our Parents always before God. Think about them every time you start something in your life. Remember the saying from the movie Avatar. Everything is borrowed and we have to return it. So grab every opportunity you get. Live it, embrace it and fulfil it.

Finally, be sure never ever to forget our parents even if you forget me. We are here because of them. We owe them everything but they’ll never ask anything in return. Love them, respect them and always keep them in your heart above everyone and everything. Remember, we all are here for you and we are just a call or text away.

We are going to miss you. Make Mom and Dad proud. As you start your new life, I give all my best wishes and success and happiness to you. May you become a successful man and an ideal son.


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