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Moving non-movable apps from phone to SD card in Android

EDIT: Android OS has come a long way since my post. Things might have changed completely. You can read through provided you don’t blame me for breaking your phone and as long as you don’t comment that this is article is old.

So now you bought your new Android-powered smartphone and started exploring its flexibility and frequently using the Play Store to download the much-hyped 1000000000000000000+ apps (crap!). There are only a handful of apps with good UI and hardware compatibility and feel like they can outrun the Apple apps. But, that’s none of the reason. At least some apps are really small in size and give us only what we really need and not anything else.

Now that you have installed your long-time-seeking apps on your droid, you find out that your phone’s internal memory went for a toss (mine have just 420Mb). Damn! What the hell. So you use your hardly-used mind and go to the application properties and check for an option of “Move to SD card” and to the most pathetic way you find the option is disabled. Damn! What the hell 2. Continue reading Moving non-movable apps from phone to SD card in Android