A Letter to a Brother, from a Brother


The day was nearing when my beloved little brother was embarking on his journey to the other continent. So, as an older bro. I had give him some lifehacks. Have a read. It might help you as well. Here it goes. Continue reading


The grass isn’t always greener on the other side!!


Mr. Gopalakrishnan succeeds Mr. Ratan Tata as Chairman of Tata Sons Ltd., the holding company for many of the Tata Bluechips – like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Tata Chemicals, Voltas, etc. Possibly, he is the first non-Tata person to head the Tata Empire.

The below article, written by him, is really interesting!

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How Your Social Media Profile Can Make Or Break Your Next Job Opportunity


Social networking is a recent invention that has the Internet still at the edge of its seat due to its popularity with people. This is mostly because it really is for the people. If you do not utilize any of the several forms of Social Media you risk falling behind your competitors who use Social Media. A survey conducted in the US last year revealed that close to 90% of employers either recruited, or were planning to recruit, through social media. According to the 2012 annual technology market survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide, “Almost one in five technology industry executives say that a candidate’s social media profile has influenced their recruiting decision. Managing your social media profile has become even more important as it can make or break your chances of being hired.

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The New Science Of Resumes


Keywords, social resumes, applicant tracking systems, and LinkedIn are all relatively new additions to the vocabulary associated with job searching. These systems affect the way your resume is read, interpreted, and shared. For employers looking to hire, these systems make it easier to find the right candidates. The successful job seeker must know how these work to be discovered by employers.

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Email Is The New Pony Express – And It’s Time To Put It Down


In early 2011, the CEO of a French IT company issued an usual memorandum. He banned email. Employees were discouraged from sending or receiving internal messages, with the goal of eradicating email within 18 months. Critics scoffed. Workers rebelled. But Thierry Breton, the CEO of Atos, has stuck to his guns, reducing message volume by an estimated 20 percent. His company, by the way, has 74,000 employees in 48 countries.

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Moving non-movable apps from phone to SD card in Android


So now you bought your new Android powered smart phone and started exploring its flexibility and frequently using the Play Store to download the much hyped 1000000000000000000+ apps (crap!). There are only a handful of apps with a good UI and hardware compatibility and feel like they can outrun the Apple apps. But, that’s none of the reason. At least some apps are really small in size and give us only what we really need and not anything else.

Now that you have installed your long-time-seeking apps on your droid, you find out that your phone’s internal memory went for a toss (mine have just 420Mb). Damn! What the hell. So you use your hardly-used mind and go to the application properties and check for an option of “Move to SD card” and to the most pathetic way you find the option is disabled. Damn! What the hell 2. Continue reading

Beginning has to be super cool


Hmm! So like most of the rational minds says, don’t worry about the path as long as the journey is beautiful. On this good note I am starting this blog. I hope my journey ahead is beautiful or as it should be! The only words presently in my mind is this, one of my favourite.

Yesterday was a History. Tomorrow is a Mystery. But Today is a gift, that is why it is called Present.